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Alone but together to...

Welcome to Nurrait | Jeunes Karibus’s Online Program.

Not possible to be physically together? No problem! Let’s do a 360 and look forward together.

With this program, we will be alone but together and reach new goals.

Through this adventure, we will get in shape. We will take care of ourselves and have feel good moments. We will also enjoy culture and as a team, we will share our experiences and knowledge.

Each day, a workshop will be unlocked, and we will go through 30 workshops one after the other.

You missed some or did not start on April 27 th ? Not a problem! You can do one workshop at a time and the following ones will be unlocked as you go.

Questions? Reach out on the chat and a coordinator will get back to you shortly.

Ready for this new adventure with us? Join the movement and don’t forget to use #nurraitonline for your posts!

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